Saturday, January 06, 2007

AutoMatix your Life!

I'm back!

I just installed Automatix on my Ubuntu Dapper Drake and I must say it's a pretty neat app. It has quite a few third party tools included, waiting for you to install. I have been reading about it for quite some time, but the lazy bone that I am always, deferred it untill now. Of course, now I am happier!

This solved another of my problems. I have been trying to download LimeWire on my windows partition for quite some time, but I failed to do so. It just wouldn't download! No idea why. Automatix had a similar app, the GPL'ed FrostWire, the favorable alternative to LimeWire! Cool :-)

What else did I install? Oh yes, I installed all the popular plugins like mplayer, java, flash player for SwiftFox. As I had mentioned in my other post, I prefer it over the burning fox.

Time for me to listen to Billy Joel. Frostwire looks to be good at downloading!


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