Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The FireFox of Media Players!

That's what SongBird promises to be. It's built on the Mozilla platform, is Free and Open Source and is multilingual along with a host of other features.

If this nice application takes flight, it'll nice to see if it's capable of taking on Amarok. Amarok is I believe one of the most popular music players in the Bazaar.

The screenshots definitely look very smart and I am impressed! Although it's still in verison 0.2 or rather in Developer Preview, it already has excellent features built in. Stability would be a test for sure in the coming days. And did I mention it has a 64 bit version too?

From the list of extensions available, I like the simplest one - Minimize-to-Systemtray :-) And above all, I love the look of their website. Damn cool!

Keep it up guys!

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