Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Swifter Fox with the Fire!

After a long long time, I am back :-)

Recently I tried using the swifter version of Firefox which can be found here and found it to be really faster than the original build. This makes me think, what is it that's stopping Swiftfox to be the main Fox! I am running Ubuntu Dapper Drake and it goes pretty well with my system given the Debian installer package. It also has a generic installer which too works perfectly fine and installs in /opt along with the necessary entries in the menu.

Furthermore, it takes all the plugins made for the original Fox, thus making it usable by all means. I think SwiftFox should be included with all versions of GNU/Linux. Or maybe the FireFox guys should strip down the main Fox and make it leaner and swifter. Or maybe, I am missing something here, and the main build does have some immensely valuable extra code that makes the main Fox the main one even though it's a bigger hog! Of course the big guys always move slowly as they are always flanked by public attention, media glare etc etc. Wow!! That makes sense I believe :-)


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