Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nice utilities for Linux!

Nice utilities for Linux!

Let me give a brief overview of the cool tools that I installed today on my Ubuntu - Breezy Badger.

As I had already mentioned in my previous post, gnome-blog is a cool tool that publishes your blog entry from your local PC. It supports, Advogato, LiveJournal, Wordpress and a lot more!
Always wanted to have a Gmail notifier running on Linux and finally I have it. It gracefully notifies you with a smooth animated pop-up! The system tray icon turns to blue from red when you have new mail. I like that too :-)
Debian users, just do apt-get install gmail-notify

Tomboy is also a handy utility to keep a note on things. In the words of the author, "A simple and easy to use desktop note-taking application". I like this one over the other ones named like jots or kjots or something. If anyone knows a better one for Linux, lemme know!

Downloader for X looks like what it should be. A good downloader! I haven't tried it yet, but planning to do it by downloading Gentoo tonight. It even plays a nice tune at startup! Never had a downloader play music at startup, am impressed! From the freshmeat page :-
Downloader for X is a tool for downloading files from the Internet via both HTTP and FTP with a powerful but userfriendly interface. It supports reconnecting and resuming on connection timeouts, has a download queue for multiple files, support for simultaneous downloads, and many other features for powerful downloading.
Cool! Debian users, just apt-get install d4x

What else did I download? Yes, a tiny front-end to wget! It's called the Download manager or simply gwget. The package name is also the same for debian.

I'm happy :-D


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