Saturday, October 28, 2006

Beryl! Affordable eye candy stuff.

Beryl is I believe the "Affordable Eye Candy" suite for GNU/Linux. It definitely looks and feels amazing, but I think it's much affordable in terms of computing power. I run a system with a single AMD 64 bit processor, 512 megs of memory and an additional 256 megs on my nvidia graphics card (which I had got free when buying my AsRock Mobo :-D). Having Beryl is real fun!!

Although, I did notice some lag at times I played music or tried to watch a DVD. And it does make the system a bit slower than usual but I believe that can be corrected if I dabble enough with the settings. An upgrade to 1GB of memory might ease out the extra stress. Now, Beryl does need that extra cpu power to give those seamless effects. But for a general user who hardly uses resource heavy applications, this shouldn't be an issue. And it can be turned off at any moment with just two mouse clicks!

So, unless you tend to compile things every 5 minutes, you don't need a dual core Intel or the Opterons to power it. But 1 GB of memory would be better I guess. But even with that, the hardware price remains quite affordable. I'll play a bit more with the settings and check how much the generic 'slowness' can be improved.

But of course, to feel the glory of the full power of Beryl, a dual brained box should be good :-) Looks like Beryl is out there to force many to upgrade their hardware instead of spending the money on useless things! :-P

And I hear rumours that some other guys in US have come up with their latest OS, which has very good eye candy and stuff...but....hmmm......naah I shouldn't be paying attention to rumours anyway!! Huff!!



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