Saturday, November 19, 2005

At last I decide to start a blog of myself


At last I decide to start a blog of myself. If this isn't going to restart my life, nothing will, ever!

I have to write down everything that I do? Daily? Could be harmful to many, I guess. Parental guidance is advised for minors below the age of eternity.

Actually I am trying to restart my life in many ways. Let there be light and this blog may stand as a symbol to this day so that centuries later the cowboy in a big mexican hat comes after winning a long long race in the Arabian desert and visits my blog and says, (glug glug) "Howdy pardner..I wishhh you were th-there" (glug glug).

By the way, I'm using this cool utility called gnome-blog to write my blog on my PC running Ubuntu Hoary, and which is going to do the publishing part on my behalf! That means, I just write and click once on Post Entry..and all get a piece of History in your browser cache.

Have I written too much for my first post already? I think so! I get nervous doing things for the first time, every time. I have ran out of thoughts for now.


I'll be back.


reni said...

Hey, you have a great blog here. I know this has nothing to do with your site but I have a new blog that I've just started, its been up for a couple of days. I gave my blog a cool title which seems to attract visitors:

Have you got any suggestions about stuff you would like to read about??? Take a look if you get the chance. I want my blog to be cutting edge...a good read. lol...your'll understand when you see it!

The other site I have is a work from home moms site. Its all about, need I say it, working from home. I think people should have the choice to build their own income instead of somebody else’s. Freedom of well being and all of that...anyway take a look see what you think.

Keep up the good work, I'll be back to visit + I'll be at any suggestions you have about my blog.

mumdidi said...

Fantastic name, and "at last" is really a very good beginning... keep writing...